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Experienced Leader

Candidate for the People

Vote for experience and a leader you can trust,
when you vote on November 8!

For the last year I have held the position of Clerk of Court for La Crosse County.  I have learned and grown so much during this time.  I am thankful for my amazing family, friends, and coworkers that have stood behind me during this time.

A little more about me.  I grew up on French Island and have lived in La Crosse County almost my entire life, having also lived in Holmen and now Onalaska.   I have always been super invested in my community having been involved in organizations such as Jaycees and currently the Rotary.   I have also been involved in the community of my favorite gym, Zen and Pow, starting as a member and moving up to being an instructor. I love seeing members gaining new confidence in an exercise or mastering choreography in class.  It is safe to say I have always loved pouring into others and helping them to grow and shine.

As the Clerk of Court, I have been able to learn so much about myself.  The type of leader I want to be and how I want employees to feel coming to work each day.   I know that I come into work and give my best every day.  I choose to immerse myself in the work of the office, assisting with filings, going up to court, and anywhere else that can be helpful to day-to-day operations.  In addition, working with the community is really where I thrive, either working with people at the counter or through jury service.

I worked so hard during the primary election to have the best possible outcome, however there were factors that worked against me in that election.    Low voter turnout and placement on the ballot played a big roll in the outcome.   Additionally, the minimal margin between myself and my opponent.  

I have had such strong support from numerous departments in the County, as well as members of the community.    Please consider writing in my name on the ballot on November 8, so that I can continue to support the people of La Crosse County.